Currently, language plays an crucial role in disseminating information, and the text makes the communication more accurate. In this case, I have learnt some more typography for creating a website layout.

Click Here to Live Page

Here is my site to display typography in different components, such as paragraphs, lists, tables, and headings.

I choose Canada Parks for this exercise work of typography because this year is the 150th anniversary of Confederation, you maybe find some interesting items in my page, and make your own plan to explore captivating Canada. All materials of the page I created are from Canada official site.

There are four sections in my page, and each of them used different formats to display contents.

  • Paragraphs and blockquote in Home section introduce how special is this year for Canada.
  • Table format is used to parks in Canada. Because there are a lot of classes into it, and table can show them clearly.
  • The second section is about historic anniversaries, that is created with description list. Because each item has a short introduction, it is absolutely structured by description list.
  • Unordered list and ordered List are put into the fourth section. It is the part of archaeology, which has few items in the two types of it. 

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