Lately, I completed a one-page site for auto theme. In personally, I feel it’s so cool. Now, I’ll share my work with you.

The layout of this site is not complicated. The unordered list is the main element of the website, but there still are few friendly effects which I learnt in this week.

The most prominent action in this site is about slick navigation. It makes click action to smoothly scrolling to the specific section of the site. The effect makes sections to transfer continuously.

Another noticed thing is about viewpoint height, which makes a section to cover the whole browser page even though it has not enough height to fill the entire screen of the browser.

Let’s have a look.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. pixelatedcat says:

    Great work, Pam! Creative idea!


    1. samopang says:

      Thank You, Cathy. I think autobots are so awesome. Everyone likes them.


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