Composite One

– assignment in the first stage of studying –

Here is a personal website for my first client who is an engineering graduate. My client wants to have a website for his own, so that lots of people can know him through his personal site. Maybe this site can bring him more job opportunities and develop his interpersonal skills.

For these targets, I create five-page website to introduce my client himself.

First one is Welcome page which has three sections inside it, such as a short introduction, personal experiences, and technical skills. In this page, I used grid layout which I learnt in the previous class to combine images and text. And I also mix pie chart with software icons to show the proficiency in the software.

Second one is About page which shows some details about my client’s experiences. I used table tag to create this part, as a normal resume.

Third one is Portfolio page which is used list tag to align images and descriptions. Using this method to manage the pictures and texts can be more easier to control responsive layout.

Fourth one is Hobbies page using images collage method to form layout. So that the page does not follow the boring rules of the list. Because I want to raise the frequency of movement of user’s’ sight on the page.

Fifth one is a Contact page. In this page, I firstly used form element to create input tags, that made the page more interactive than before. Because it can be enter information by users. It’s amazing for me, but it’s not really can be used to send messages to my client.

However, you don’t too disappointed about it, I’ll learn it in the next stage of my course.

Please keep look forward. Thank you.


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